New York Daily News: NFL plan to penalize use of N-word on field fails to solve wider racial problems in football

The NFL’s plan to add a 15-yard penalty for the use of the N-word on the field is ridiculous. It is a bad solution looking for a nonexistent problem. There is no wild epidemic of football players calling each other racial slurs on the field and the racial slurs in the locker room are often terms of endearment.

More importantly, the notion that a word representative of 400-plus years of slavery, rape and government sanctioned violence, can be assuaged by a 15-yard penalty is downright offensive.

So roughing the passer is just as bad as calling someone a n—–? What’s next, a loss of down for every player accused of sexual assault? The NFL already has plenty of rules penalizing players for using excessive foul language of any kind on and off the field. The NFL has plenty of racial problems, lack of black coaches and owners, not to mention racial bias with referees, but the use of racial slurs, let alone the N-word during games, isn’t one of them.
This article originally appeared online in the New York Daily News.
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