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You’ve seen Dr. Jason Johnson on television, heard him on radio and read him online. Would you like him to come speak to your College, Organization or Conference?

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Dr. Johnson’s blends insight, politics and pop culture, engaging audiences in ways that will keep them talking long after the speech is over. He has served as a keynote speaker, moderator and panelist all around the world.

Dr. Jason Johnson is a contributor at Al Jazeera English and HLN, and appears regularly on CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio and Al Jazeera America as a political and social commentator. He has appeared on Weekends with Alex Witt, Talk of the Nation, The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, The Pete Dominick Show, The Russ Parr Morning Show, Don’t Sleep with TJ Holmes, the O’Reilly Factor, Morning Edition, Minnesota Public Radio and Tell Me More. He’s been quoted by The Hill, the New York Times, and various news outlets throughout the world for his insight, refreshing commentary and unique take on world events.

Please email inquiries to DrJasonPolitics (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sample Speeches by Dr. Jason Johnson

Jumping the Broom, Jumping to Conclusions
What does the NBA All-Star Game teach us about the State of Black Marriage? Why is the advice given by so-called “relationship experts” in movies and television designed to make black women feel bad about themselves? In this speech, Dr. Jason Johnson teaches the four myths about Black Marriage in America and debunks them with cold, hard sociological and demographic data.

After Obama: The Next Black President
Is Black America better off than it was five years ago? Will African-Americans turn out in record numbers when President Obama is no longer on the ballot? Dr. Jason Johnson looks at the three biggest missed opportunities of President Obama’s administration, and the long-term impact of Barack Obama’s campaigns and presidency on race relations in America. Dr. Johnson’s research reveals the one big mistake ALL white candidates make when running against candidates of color, and profiles the next generation of black politicians (in both parties) poised to break out nationally.

Politics 101 for Small Business
The voters judge the president for the state of the economy, but local elected officials in your community have a much bigger say in whether or not your small business succeeds. Dr. Jason Johnson highlights the three local elected officials every small business person should know in their community, how to get involved in local elections, how to turn your customers into voters, and how to finance pro-business candidates in your community.

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