Uptown Magazine: Jason Johnson Quoted on NFL Coaches and the Rooney Rule

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was interviewed by Jaia A. Thomas in Uptown Magazine for an article about black coaches in the NFL following  the firing of Leslie Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings.

Dr. Jason Johnson, Professor of Political Science at Hiram College, describes the Rooney Rule as the “quintessential example of the best of intentions with no actual enforcement.” He labels the rule as more of a suggestion, due to lack of actual penalties and enforcement. He suggests that instead of requiring perfunctory interviews, the NFL should implement a quota system for the entire staff of a team. Dr. Johnson argues that while the head coach of a team is an important symbolically, the entire staff should reflect the true meaning of diversity. Moreover, he argues that black players, especially black quarterbacks, should do a better job of yielding their influence to address the issue of diversity.

Click here to read “Black NFL Coaches and the End of the Rooney Rule.”

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