Al Jazeera: Jason Johnson on Role of Unions in 2012 Presidential Election

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson appeared on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story to discuss the role of unions in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. As the Republican presidential primary moves to industrial states with a large union presence such as Michigan and Ohio, Professor Johnson discussed

On the campaign trail in Michigan – particularly in the last week – Romney has made bashing the unions a key part of his campaign. He said he has taken on union bosses before and he will do so again.

So what role can we expect the unions to play this election year? How influential are they politically and financially and is attacking them a potential vote-winner?

To discuss this, Inside Story: US 2012 with presenter Lisa Fletcher, is joined by: Jason Johnson, a political analyst; J.P. Friere, a Republican strategist; and Chris Townsend, a political action director at the United Electrical Workers Union.

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