John Kasich Crashing on Issue 2, What Does It Mean for Obama 2012 in Ohio

John Kasich may be bracing for what will be a huge punch in the political gut tonight. Issue 2 goes to a vote in Ohio and seems very likely to fail.

The yes or no vote on Issue 2 is actually a referendum on whether or not Senate Bill 5, his signature piece of legislation to end collective bargaining rights for unions, becomes permanent state law. Senate bill 5 would limit all state employees from collectively bargaining for most things including salaries and some benefits, and would actually limit the ability of some employees to unionize in the future. In its own way, the bill is actually fairer than the anti-union law passed by Scott Walker in Wisconsin since Kasich’s bill seems to hurt all unions, even those that supported him like the police, equally.

So, what’s the big national spin on issue?

Democrats are hoping that a huge crushing victory (and it’s looking to be about a 60% no to a 40% yes vote) will create momentum and a new coalition that will help Obama win the state in 2012.

Still, if I were a Democrat (damn – that’s like a Fiddler on the Roof flashback) I wouldn’t be counting Buckeye votes just yet. It’s still not clear whether or not a coalition of Republican-leaning groups like police and firemen will stay united with traditional Democratic groups like Teachers and EMTs. But, guess they have about a year to figure that one out.

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