In the Classroom

Dr. Jason Johnson is a professor of political science and communications at Hiram College in northeast Ohio. Click here for links featuring Professor Jason Johnson in the Classroom.

Professor Johnson believes that a true scholar merges the best of abstract theory and practical hands-on experience. He lives that philosophy by studying, teaching and engaging in politics. His direct engagement with the subject matter and texts of American and global politics provides an invaluable service to the universities for which he works and the students that he teaches.

Dr. Jason Johnson on his teaching philosophy:

I believe that the same traits needed to be a good researcher – curiosity, discipline, humility and occasionally a sense of humor – are also needed to be effective in the classroom or in the media.

I have taught at large public universities, small liberal arts colleges, community colleges and historically black colleges & universities (HBCUs). In each environment, I have found that teaching is a pleasure and a challenge.

I will always strive to push the envelope in the classroom and produce minds and scholars that will take political science and social thought in brand new directions.

Dr. Jason Johnson on the challenge of being both an academic and a media practitioner:

For some, the stigma of being a pundit or public intellectual is anathema to academics.  In my view,  these activities are simply an extension of research and the classroom. Without the classroom, I could not be an effective analyst. Interacting with students who demand answers, explanations and proof prepares me to give substantive analysis in a media world that is all too often fueled only by soundbites.

At the same time, my work as an analyst enhances my scholarship. Debating the world’s newsmakers gives my research a real-world connection to the real world that is critical to my success as an academic.

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