Live From Cleveland: Jason Johnson at the Republican National Convention

Live from Cleveland, political science professor and Politics Editor of The Root Jason Johnson offered commentary on all facets of the Republican National Convention.

The Root: Keep America Safe Again: A Black Person’s Guide to Safety, Space and Activism at the RNC
The Republican National Convention has been surprisingly tame during the first two days, but it hasn’t all been perfect. This is still America, and it’s still Cleveland, and it’s still the Republican National Convention.

The Root: Ted Cruz Defies GOP, Won’t Endorse Trump, Is Gangsta
He never got to truly be the #NeverTrump candidate, but Wednesday night, Cruz took one final jab at the Republican presidential nominee for all the folks who still can’t get behind Trump.

The Root: Donald Trump, America’s Savior: 3 Takeaways From His RNC Speech
The Republican presidential nominee said he’d make America great again … again. But he didn’t really say how. Still, he did say it in a tone markedly different from his usual stump speeches.

The Root: Jason Johnson at #BlackRNC Party
While in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, The Root Politics Editor Jason Johnson attended a party thrown in honor of black Republicans. Dr. Johnson interviewed Jennifer McNeely, an alternate in the Georgia delegation, Jeff Johnson of JIJ Communications, and Republican Congressional candidate Lenny McAllister.

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