International Business Times: Jason Johnson on Rand Paul and Black Voters

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was quoted by the International Business Times in the story “Rand Paul 2016 And The Black Vote: Will His Presidential Campaign Benefit From His Overtures To African Americans?

By pushing for bipartisan criminal justice reform, reduced sentences for petty crime and speaking out against the militarization of police, Paul is both indicating that it’s a smart strategic move for the Republican Party and trying to signal that he’s a viable candidate in 2016, according to Jason Johnson, a political science professor at Hiram College in Ohio and politics editor for the hip-hop magazine the Source. But Paul is unlikely to win the Republican nomination because he can’t match the fundraising juggernauts of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Johnson said. “That makes it difficult for him to demonstrate how well he can be with African-American voters,” he said.

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