Forbes: Jason Johnson Quoted on “Black or White” with Kevin Costner

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was quoted in Forbes by Rebecca Theodore in her review of Kevin Costner’s new movie Dear Hollywood: Let’s Stop Making Movies Like “Black or White.”

You would think in 2015 Hollywood would have evolved from such reductive narratives about race, but according to Dr. Jason Johnson, a political analyst and a professor of political science at Hiram College, it’s business as usual. “It is part of a genre movie we have always had, that’s making a comeback which I like to call the “Reasonable White Man” movie,” Johnson explains. “They are films that are ostensibly about race but are extended polemics where so-called progressive Whites are saying ‘I’m the only one who has a reasonable perspective on this and Blacks are irrational and unreasonable.”

Johnson, who attended a screening of “Black or White at the National Association of Black Journalists convention last year recalls, “There was not one person I spoke to who thought the movie was good.  When they screened The Butler last year, there was lots of discussion.  I do think it’s very telling that the social media silence afterwards spoke volumes.”   Johnson goes on to mention movies like “Monster’s Ball” and “ Losing Isaiah” which promote a one-sided examination of race, “What they don’t want to hear is “No, we hated Losing Isaiah because it was a paternalistic and racist film or that Monster’s Ball wasn’t the least bit progressive – it was a White Supremacist fantasy of ‘I get to screw a Black girl and get away with it.”

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