Washington Post: Jonathan Capehart responds to Jason Johnson criticism of President Obama

In his article “The unrealistic expectations of Obama in Ferguson shooting,” Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart responded to criticism of President Obama from Source Magazine Politics Editor Jason Johnson.

The president of the United States has awesome powers and responsibilities. But being a superhero is not one of them. But you wouldn’t know that by listening to those demanding that President Obama do all sorts of questionable things in response to the tumult over the police killing of Michael Brown. They want Obama to act out in some visceral way. They want more emotion from him on the horrible actions in and images coming out of Ferguson, Missouri. They just want him to do something. All the while completely ignoring what he’s actually doing, what he actually can do and what he is actually capable of doing.

“It is painfully apparent, for those who still hold out hope, that President Barack Obama will never use the full power and influence of his office to come to the aid of African Americans while he is president,” Hiram College political science professor Jason Johnson wrote at Ebony.com.


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