Afro-American: Jason Johnson on White Supremacist Easter Eggs

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was quoted in the Baltimore Afro-American about the discovery of Easter Eggs featuring racist and white supremacist messages in the article “Racially-Charged Plastic Eggs Dropped on Calif., Va. Lawns Good Friday, Easter Sunday.”

Jason Johnson, political analyst at Hiram College, said the Easter Week episode underscores the persistence of racism in the nation’s culture. “This is just another example of why our government is still grossly out of touch with what is happening on the ground in America. These are the actions of a few violent men and women who feel that they are being ‘invaded’ by people of color, and ‘betrayed’ by other Whites who don’t share their belief system,” he told the AFRO

“Yet this type of bigotry persists, right beneath the surface of even the holiest of weekends. Yet at the same time our Supreme Court deems Affirmative Action to be problematic, and suggests that racial animus in this county is no longer a compelling factor in the lives of minorities. I would suggest these Easter Eggs tell a different story.”

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