Afro-American: Jason Johnson quoted on Nick Cannon in Whiteface

Dr. Jason Johnson was quoted in the Baltimore Afro-American for the news article “Nick Cannon’s ‘Whiteface’ Album Promotion on Instagram Labeled Offensive”

Political analyst Jason Johnson of Hiram College called any outrage about Cannon’s promotion move “fake,” but he also criticized Cannon’s gimmick as being based on outdated stereotypes.

“Nick Cannon’s ‘Whiteface’ stunt was exactly that, a stunt. It’s an example of what happens when a comedian attempts to make socially relevant satire but doesn’t have the history or the résumé to poignant social commentary,” Johnson told the AFRO. “The idea that club or electronic music is ‘White music’ is fairly dated as well. It’s a very 1990s ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ kind of joke that really isn’t relevant today in a world where rap, rock and electronica audiences and acts are across the racial and cultural spectrum.”

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