Minnesota Public Radio: Jason Johnson on the Democratic Party after Barack Obama

On The Daily Circuit on Minnesota Public Radio, Hiram College political science professor and political analyst Ken Rudin discuss the future of the Democratic Party after the presidency of Barack Obama.

President Obama remains the unchallenged head of the Democratic Party — at least until Election Day 2016. But the stance the party will take after Obama’s departure is an open question.

At the moment, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outpolls all her potential rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. The same research shows her beating all known Republican contenders. But polls this far in advance of presidential elections have a strong record of being incorrect.

Before the Democrats can choose their next standard-bearer, they’ll have to decide who they are now. Are they a more populist, liberal party that can coalesce around a leader like Sen. Elizabeth Warren? Are they more comfortable with the mainstream positions represented by Clinton or Vice President Joe Biden? Or have they moved in some other direction entirely?

The Daily Circuit talks with two political analysts to get their ideas of the Democratic Party, post-Obama.

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