USA Today: Jason Johnson on the Michael Dunn Trial

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was interviewed by USA Today about the trial of Michael Dunn for the shooting death of Jordan Davis in the article “Again, a black teen is shot, but cases are not the same.”

With Zimmerman, no one else saw the confrontation from start to finish. Because he didn’t testify, Zimmerman told the jury his side of the story and avoided cross-examination. Even more, Zimmerman had injuries that showed evidence of a fight. Dunn had none.

“There is no question about the sequence of events,”Jason Johnson, a political science professor at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio, says of the Dunn shooting. “In the Zimmerman trial, what it really boiled down to was who started the fight, and that was not something anyone actually knew.”

Prosecutors seem to have learned from the Zimmerman trial and have prepared their witnesses better, says Areva Martin, a Los Angeles-based attorney.

Read the whole article at USA Today.

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