Kerosene Maxine Waters versus President Barack Obama

I have long been critical of Maxine Waters’ criticisms of President Obama because I felt many of them were steeped in deflecting attention from her own lingering ethics charges and because she was always an old-school Hillary supporter. There are plenty of things to criticize the president about, but in some ways the Congressional Black Caucus needs to take responsibility for their own lack of political fortitude as well (for example why did it take THIS long for a national jobs tour?)

There is a great story in Politico about Maxine Waters (D-CA), her background and her relationship with President Obama. One of the reasons the piece stands out is because it doesn’t wallow in the “Obama’s got a Negro Problem” rhetoric of the late summer. Instead, it lays out several reasons – both political and personal – why “Maximum Maxine” has been throwing fire-bombs at the White House, putting her actions in the context of her entire career. It may not change your mind about either one of them, but you’ll know them better.

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